Monday, June 15, 2009


1. Food security programme
This programme focuses on improving food security and on farm income through the promotion of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE AGRICULTURE technological options.

GROW BIO-INTENSIVE AGRICULTURE is a sustainable form of agriculture that promotes and enhances biodiversity and promotes biological cycles. Farmers are trained on the use of locally available resources with minimum use of external resources. The technologies used are economically viable, environmentally friendly, culturally acceptable, and socially just for a more sustainable development process.

2. Environmental Programme
This programme focuses on improving the environment through tree nursery establishment and tree planting, promoting the use of energy conserving and improved cook stoves that use minimum charcoal, firewood, and saw dust as fuel; promoting the solar energy systems; promoting the biogas systems and providing a safe and environmentally friendly means of waste disposal and converting waste into high quality fertilizer for agricultural use.

3. HIV/AIDS programme
The purpose of the HIV/AIDS programme is to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic by introducing GBIA Technologies and income generating activities that will help in improving the living standards of the affected and the infected families. In Kenya, we are either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS
1. Introduction of Nutri-meals
2. Good Nutrition
3. Value addition

4. Information center and transfer
The BIAnet center intends to be a center for information transfer among the community members. The center has a community resource center (Library) where the community members come to source for information. (Information is power)

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